Lighting the Way to Profitability 

Utilizing a Live Trade Room, Candlelight Trading® specializes in teaching Futures Day Traders to become consistently profitable and manage risk.


Live Trade Room
  • Live Trade Analysis
  • View TOBIE, the auto-trading robot, on my charts
  • Monday-Friday: 8:30 - 11:30 am EST.
  • Ongoing education and analysis in live Futures Trading Room.
  • Trade set-ups including potential entries, stop losses, and profit targets.
  • Learn the importance of risk management.
  • Platform used:  Sierra Charts.
    • (Other platforms can be used)

$139 per Month


Live Trade Room plus TOBIE Basic*

  • Receive access to TOBIE Basic* Sierra Chart Custom Indicator which generates signals of where to take trades and profit targets.
  • Ongoing education and market analysis in live Futures Trading Room 8:30-11:30 am EST. M-F.
  • Trade Sets ups discussed.
  • Learn the importance of risk management.

*TOBIE Basic available only on Sierra Charts

$169 per Month


Live Trade Room plus TOBIE Pro*

  • Receive access to TOBIE Pro* Sierra Chart Custom Indicator which has the ability to operate as an auto-trading robot.
    • Easily enabled/disabled
    • Set optional desired daily profit target for each market
    • Set up to 2 separate time periods per day when TOBIE Pro will be active.  (Can also run continuously)
    • Place optional protective trailing stop to trigger once a certain portion of the profit target is met.
  • Access to live Futures Trading Room with ongoing live trade analysis 8:30-11:30 am EST, M-F
  • Learn the importance of risk management.

*TOBIE Pro available only on Sierra Charts

$199 per Month

Get Sierra Charts Here

If you don't already have Sierra Charts, you can get it here:

TOBIE Lifetime Licenses:

TOBIE Basic:  $3995

  • Includes 1 month free in the trade room, after which Trade Room will automatically renew at discounted rate of $99 per month.
  • **Trade Room can be cancelled at any time and you will continue to have lifetime access to TOBIE Basic.

TOBIE Pro:  $4995

  •  Includes 3 months free in the trade room, after which Trade Room will automoatically renew for a discounted price of $79 a month. ($237 paid quarterly)
  • **Trade Room can be cancelled at any time and you will continue to have lifetime access to TOBIE Pro.



  • Whether you're new to Futures trading or have been trading a while and are not yet consistent, private coaching can help you develop as a Futures Day Trader and learn how to become profitable.
  • Some of the problems coaching can address are:
    • Over-trading
    • Risk Management
    • Developing a trade plan
    • Having a set of rules to trade by.


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"Natalie does the best job of reading order flow and volume profile charts of any other trader that I have seen.  Her analysis of the markets is spot on! Also, her use of Fibonacci retracements and extensions to anticipate price action and determine good entries and targets is masterful!  She approaches and trades the markets with a defined plan and executes that plan with patience and a calm demeanor.  Spending time in the Candlelight Trading Room is the best part of my day.  -- Eva J. T., Esq."

"Natalie and I have been trading together for over 5 years now.  When I started the Logical Signals Trade Room, Natalie was one of the first members.  From the beginning I could sense Natalie's analytical abilities and her complete understanding of the technical indicators being used on her screens.  Natalie has done her homework and has shown her ability to adapt quickly to market changes that so often occur within the futures markets.  Her  risk management skills are designed to work and are tailored to each traders account size.  Her skill in  position sizing is well balanced in both adding to or exiting a trade. Her technical knowledge is second to none and has taught this old dog many new and very usable technical "tricks."  When Natalie made the decision to move forward and open the Candlelight Trading Room I knew I wanted to be a member.  If you struggle with being consistently profitable, or lack the knowledge that can produce consistent profits  you should spend time with Natalie in the Candlelight Trade Room.  -- Michael F."

"I have been in the futures market for more than 20 years.  Over that period of time, I have been in so many different trading rooms, but I can say that I have never seen a room like Candlelight Trading.   First, Natalie is very honest and her calls are very clear. You can see her dome; no BS; everything is in front of you … she is totally open with nowhere to hide. You will never hear her make a big deal over trades that make a lot of money, and she will not hide a trade that did not go in her favor.

Here is why I think that Natalie’s room is different (and better) than any of the trading rooms that I know; and I know A LOT:

  1. She is very honest, with no ego, and that is extremely rare in the business;
  2. She is an excellent trader;
  3. Her calls are very clear including where to enter, where to place your stop-loss and profit targets. There is no ambiguity at all;
  4. Her knowledge is very extensive:  from Market profile, volume profile, market auction, supply-demand levels, institutional order flow, Fib targets, etc., but the most important skill is that she integrates all this knowledge and applies it in a very clear way that everyone can see and understand;
  5. Her price for her trading room is one of the lowest so traders with small accounts can afford to be a member;
  6. You can tell that she really wants to help fellow traders;
  7. Most of the other rooms’ hosts are afraid to make real-time calls and are terrified to be wrong in front of all their students; which is not the case with Natalie;
  8. You will make money while you learn; and
  9. She is very smart, so you better have your coffee ready!  --Cesar R."
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