First, let me tell you what I am not:  I am not a certified investment advisor or a professional trader.  I’ve never been on the floor of the exchange or traded for any of the big firms.  I am simply a retail trader with a dream, like so many others. I had a dream to become a consistently profitable trader, and to be able to help others like myself.  The little guy with a relatively small account!

I had been trading for several years and had taken several courses about trading and spent literally thousands of dollars on education and “indicators”, all to no avail.   I would make money in the market, only to give it all back. I felt like I was spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere.

I realized that I needed to learn from someone who has traded for the big guys.  Someone who could teach me to understand the market and learn why so many retail traders like myself, fail.  I finally decided to mentor privately with a prior hedge fund trader who had traded for some of the largest investment companies in the world. Thru this mentoring,  I finally came to understand how the market actually works (something I thought I knew!).   I was then able to apply this understanding to my style of trading and my favorite systems and turn my trading around.  I then knew that I wanted to be able to help others reach their goals as well, and stop giving money to the markets.

Candlelight Trading offers tools which focus on identifying key areas (homework levels) to look for trade opportunities based on reading and understanding candles and price action,  auction theory, identifying value, market profile, volume profile, and order flow.  

The use of these tools along with sound risk management can help you conquer your trading demons, and reach your dreams as well!

To your Trading Success!