(Renews Monthly)


  • Access to TOBIE Basic* Sierra Chart Custom Indicator
    • TOBIE Basic generates easy to read signals of where to take trades
    • Gives suggested profit targets.
    • TOBIE Basic does not auto trade, but allows you to manually take the trades you choose.
  • Access to member area with additional resources and learning materials.
  • Trade set-ups including potential entries, stop losses, and profit targets.
  • Learn the importance of risk management.
  • Receive full instructions on how to set up and use TOBIE Basic in Sierra Charts

*TOBIE Basic and TOBIE Pro are available only on Sierra Charts

TOBIE Basic Lifetime License


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Fibonacci Strategy


(One time fee)


  • All of the exact settings for Fibonacci retracements and profit projections.
  • Rules for entries for trend and potential reversal trades.
  • Rules for stops and for profit targets!

Note:  This system is separate from TOBIE and is a stand-alone strategy.

Range Bar Strategy (RBS)


(One time fee)

Are you looking for a trading system with clear cut rules for entries and targets?


  • My complete Range Bar Strategy Trade Plan with all rules for entries and targets
  • Strategies for scalping a range-bound market and for trading a trending market.
  • Receive my complete chart set up for the Range Bar Strategy.
  • Easy to Learn!

*Note:  This strategy is separate from TOBIE and is a stand-alone system.



Save by bundling the Fibonacci System and the Range Bar System together and save $50


One on One Coaching

  • Whether you're new to Futures trading or have been trading a while and are not yet consistent, private coaching can help you develop as a Futures Day Trader and learn how to become profitable.
  • Some of the problems coaching can address are:
    • Over-trading
    • Risk Management
    • Developing a trade plan
    • Having a set of rules to trade by.

Single Session:

$150 per one-hour session.

Feel you need more than a Single Session?

Purchase 3 one-on-one coaching sessions for $350 and save $100!

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